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Global Research & Data company brief. We are providing market reports and research services in Korea.

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Global Research & Data is a market research company in Korea. We are distributing market research reports and providing customized research services. We are covering many industries, such as IT, electronics, healthcare, foods, aerospace, consumer goods, chemicals, automobile, energy, finance, agriculture, heavy machinery, construction, service, etc. Many Korean clients are seeking for global market data, such as, market size, market trends, market share, value chain, industry regulation, company SWOT, geographical data, etc. We keep trying to provide the best research solutions and values to satisfy clients.

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Company Brief
❑ Name : Global Research & Data
❑ Address : 7F, Core Building, 235, Myeongjigukje 8-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea (46726)
❑ Company Registration Number : 338-32-00769 (Busan, Korea)
❑ Telephone : +82-51-984-0002
❑ FAX : +82-51-955-2015
❑ Email :